Midweek Groups

An important part of our church life is our network of house groups. House groups are made up of groups of people (usually 8 – 12) who get together on a regular basis to:

  • Worship God

  • Deepen relationships with one another

  • Have fun

  • Support and encourage each other in our spiritual journeys
    through activities such as Bible study, prayer and the
    exploration of other spiritual practices

  • Help others

Each house group has a character of its own depending on the people in the group. Our groups are welcoming places for those who haven’t made a faith commitment but wish to learn more, new Christians and those who want to continue growing in their relationship with Jesus. While most people who attend the groups also attend First Baptist, we have some people from other faith communities. Each of our journeys has been enriched as together we discover our common faith in Jesus and as we share our different traditions and practices.

For more information on house groups please contact us.

*SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT* Worship services at First Baptist Church will be cancelled until further notice due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.